About us


Rinnegoonz is a clothing brand that strives to create a clan with the same passion for streetwear and Asian culture. Our focus lies on bringing our creativity, inspired by anime and Asian culture, to combine with western streetwear.

Our name is inspired by two concepts from different parts of the world: "rinne" from Japan and "goonz" from English.

The term "rinne" comes from Buddhism and refers to the idea of rebirth and the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. At Rinnegoonz, we interpret this concept as an inspiration to constantly renew and evolve ourselves as individuals and as a creative group.

On the other hand, "goonz" refers to the rough and sometimes violent side of street culture. At Rinnegoonz, we don't use this term to promote violence, but to emphasize our commitment to standing up for ourselves and others and not letting society's expectations intimidate us.

As a collective, we focus on creating high-quality and innovative art and design products, ranging from clothing to accessories and decor items. Our style is inspired by various subcultures and influences, including street art, hip-hop, punk, and manga.

By purchasing and wearing our products, you join us in our pursuit of individuality, creativity, and positive change in the world. We're proud of what we do and hope our customers and fans are just as passionate about our creations as we are.

Thank you for supporting Rinnegoonz!

Women wearing the truthseeker and boy wearing the clout ch'ser